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About YourBabyCom

Every day many couples around the world are searching for information about IVF (in vitro fertilization), surrogacy  and reliable medical centers that can help them make their dreams come true, becoming parents. Choosing IVF clinics and find surrogacy mother is not as easy as it might seem and requires time to compare IVF clinics, success rates they achieve, prices, reviews and select mother according to your personal requirements.

If you wish to find optimal solution for IVF in Ukraine, that meets your individual criteria, YourBabyCom is an excellent agency to start with. We recommend only best IVF clinics, that provide detailed descriptions of fertility treatments offered by IVF, prices and success rates. More than that you will find contact information and can easily get in touch with us to get answers to all your questions.

We believe that thanks to YourBabyCom you will become happy parents!

Ukrainian Reproductive Clinics

Ukraine has a network of reproductive health centers. Clinics are specialized in infertility treatment, prenatal care, prenatal diagnostics, gynecology and mammography.

Every year reproductive health clinics help hundreds of married couples to become happy parents. Ukrainian specialists take good care of the psychological comfort of every patient, and of course respect confidentiality.

Detailed information you can find in «our partners» section.

Our partner clinics are modern medical facilities that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of infertility.

Infertility treatment – it is their everyday job. They strive to provide the highest quality services, sincerely caring about the dream of every patient about pregnancy and birth of a healthy child becoming reality.

The Medical Centers use modern methods of assisted reproduction, provide pregnancy with virtually all forms of female and male infertility.

Laboratories are using modern expensive equipment from best world producers  for the embryo transfer, a biopsy, photo and video fixation embryos, incubation of gametes and embryos in conditions as close to natural.

YourBabyCom Agency provides you only modern methods of infertility treatment and surrogacy for people who really want to be parents . The only acceptable and possible result of our work with you is the transfer of a newborn baby by the surrogate mother to you, its genetic parents. Within a year and a half after the beginning of our cooperation, with very high probability you will become the parents of your healthy baby. Please keep in mind that we also address gender selection as well as utilizing eggs from an Asian donor woman.

Our assistance to you is not an attempt but a solution to your problem.

Our approach

After you as our clients have participated in the process of receiving embryos and paid the amount specified in the contract, your obligation is only waiting time to baby delivery and to pick up the baby from the maternity hospital. All other issues that may and will arise during the period of our cooperation within the framework of the surrogacy program will be solved by us. The list includes provision of mandatory legal support for the process. This includes the baby’s registration and obtainment of a birth certificate stating you as the child’s parents.

Transparency of financial conditions

The complete transparency of all our programs makes YourBabyCom agency different from the majority of its competitors in the Ukrainian market. From the very beginning of our cooperation, you will know the price for all services included in the contract, and what is paid for separately. Our clients do not face the risk of hidden expenses. The cost and terms of the contract always remain the same regardless of how much effort and time is needed to implement it.

The majority of programs offered by our agency are based on the “all inclusive” principle, when the contract price includes the cost of all necessary services related to the surrogacy program implementation. When some difficulty emerges in the course of the program, these are not the client’s problems, but the Agency’s.

Price matches quality

Many people know that fee-for-service medical care is often a combination of a bottomless pit and a black box. The prices for services are frequently overstated, medications and procedures are expensive and not always necessary, and the treatment period is artificially extended. Our clients have no worries about this. All financial risks have been addressed before they sign the contract. Now the Agency takes care that the service is provided to the client in full, with the best quality and within the shortest possible period.

The YourBabyCom Agency is a team of professionals who have worked in the reproductive medicine market, know this market well, and work only with those participants (doctors, surrogate mothers, laboratories, clinics, etc.) the quality of whose services they totally trust.

Independence and impartiality

Our Agency is independent. This enables us to make decisions being guided exclusively by the clients’ needs and interests. We cooperate with health care institutions in different regions of Ukraine. The Agency’s partner clinics have the capacity for high quality provision of the entire range of services related to a surrogacy program.

At the same time, we do not insist that you should use the services of the clinics we suggest. If you have your own preferences and recommendations, you can choose any medical institution that works in the areas of IVF, pregnancy and childbirth support. We are ready to cooperate with the clinic you select. The main criterion is the quality of medical services provided by the institution as well as your wish.

5 facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is the European largest county at 603,628 square kilometers, stretching from Russia in the east to Poland in the west, and sandwiched between the Black Sea in the south and Belarus in the north.

Capital of Ukraine Kyiv is one of the oldest city of the world. Age of Kyiv 1500 years.Ukrainian (old slavonic language) is a progenitor of many Eastern Slavic languages, such as Russian, Polish, Belarusian, Serbian, etc. Within Ukraine is the geographical centre of Europe.First Constitution in the world was created in Ukraine 5 April 1710. The Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk or Pacts and Constitutions of Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporizhian Host.

Ukrainian woman






Ukrainian women are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. And all this is due to the rich genetic diversity of Ukraine