You are offered a wide range of cryopreserved sperm material after the mandatory six-month quarantine.

In response to your request for our sperm bank, we answer questions about the price and provide all the information on the donors you are interested in: phenotype, data on the body build, education, etc. A material from our sperm bank provided by the donor you have chosen will be delivered in special vessels to the address of a clinic that implements your reproduction program.

You also have a possibility to undergo the procedure of artificial insemination (Al) with the donor sperm directly in our sperm bank .

Donor sperm is used for carrying out in vitro fertilization, as well as artificial insemination. Before using cryopreserved sperm, it is quarantined for six months. During this period, doctors receive results of re-examination of the donor for HIV. RW, hepatitis B and C. These results have to be absolutely negative. Such reassurance guarantees safety of the recipient of such virus diseases as syphilis, HIV, HCV, and HBV.