People who are planning or even simply considering the idea of using the services

provided by our Agency often wonder how the cooperation is organized and how long each stage lasts.

Here we will describe the complete cycle of such cooperation, and then we will look at each of the aspects in more detail.

The stages include.

  1. Learning about the company, its services and programs.
  2. Legal registration of the necessary agreements, identification of the financial terms of cooperation.
  3. Organization of meetings with several candidates .Selection of a surrogate mother.
  4. Medical examination of the would-be genetic parents.
  5. Legal finalization of relations with the surrogate mother and the medical  center where the IVF will take place.
  6. Implementation of medical procedures under the  IVF program (cycle synchronization.selection  of egg or sperm donors  if necessary, embryo transfer, medication support).

The Ukrainian legislation allows:

– identification of the embryo’s gender before the embryo transfer.

-examination to discover fetal chromosomal abnormalities before the embryo transfer.

  1. Surrogate mother’s pregnancy monitoring in the best clinics under constant supervision of a representative of our agency.
  2. Preparation of all necessary documents for legalization of the baby and registration of the parents’ rights.
  3. The surrogate mother delivers a baby in one of the best clinics with the assistance of highly qualified specialists. If the genetic parents wish so, they can be present when the child is born. Cord blood banking can be organized to store cord tissue stem cells.
  4. Execution of all documents required by law for the baby .These include the birth certificate, confirmation of genetic relationship, implementation of the IVF procedure, and others.

Below, we will describe the work of our Agency with clients from other countries under the Surrogacy Program.From the legal and organizational point of  view- this is the most difficult situation that can be faced by the
YourBabyCom Agency.